Bedsheet Magic

There is no such thing as “away”

When we throw anything away, it must go somewhere!

  -Annie Leonard

Nothing is a waste if you use it wisely and creatively. Here are a host of useful and fun ways in which you can reuse your old bed sheets.

1. Rugged!

BM1BM2Old bed sheets can be turned into beautiful braided rag rugs that can be made with or without a sewing machine. These lovely rag rugs woven together from a yarn made of strips torn from used bedsheets make your room look cosy and snuggly. This way rugged you don’t have to worry about not being able to use your beloved bedsheets again because if you can’t sleep on them, then you might as well now step on them!



2. Let The Kids Take Over !
Let the kids take over

We all know what destructive little monsters our kids can become when they are bubbling with energy and have no activitLet the kids take overy to keep them occupied. If you have kids running all over the place and want to engage them with something productive then bring out all those old bed sheets that you had stashed away to discard. Give them to your kids and let the little monsters have a colour splash. Who knows what masterpiece your rock star might end up creating? Old bed sheets make for very interesting do it yourself art projects. Apart from using colours you can also spend time building tents and forts out of those bed sheets especially on summer vacations.

3. Bedeck your décor

bedeck your decor  You can use your old bed sheets, especially the fancy ones, to create magnificent decorative pieces. You can have them framed to create wall arts and hangings. This way you can keep changing the themes and the décor of your abode without burning a hole in your bedeck your decorpocket. Such decorative pieces are not only different but also something that you can work on yourself.






4. Designing Dreams

designing dreamsHaven’t we all heard of the Disney princess who used to sew designing dreamsher own dresses out of curtains and old sheets? Well looks like it can become a true story! Bring out the designer in you and unleash your creativity on old bedsheets. Transform those sheets into gorgeous dresses for yourself or kids. Make use of those comfortable sheets and sew up loungedesigning dreamsrs and pyjamas for daytime and bedtime stories. Work your magic on the fabric and give wings to your designing dreams.



5. Tie & Dye

tie & dye  tie & dyeIf you have plain bed sheets lying around the house that are too old to use or have gotten soiled or stained, then don’t rush to throw them away. Instead add a dash of colour to your life. Break the monotony of the solid bed sheet by undertaking a DIY tie and dye project. It is one of the easiest and the most interesting way of transforming basic bedsheets into patterned and fancy ones. Just a few knots and a bucket full of coloured water and voila! You have a brand new bed sheet to adorn your bed.


6. Suit up the Seat

suit up the seat

What fun are regular cushion covers and chair seat covers. If you are the one who lives it up quirky, then it’s time you pulled those osuit up the seatld boring covers off and replaced them with the beautiful old bed sheets that are too dear to part from. Instead of spending a fortune on patterned fabric for your furniture, make use of the fabrics that are easily available with you at home. You can make use of these covers for your chairs, chair seats, cushions and a lot more.



7. Draw them together !

draw them together  Don’t have the time to spare on DIY projects or the artsy stuff? Then don’t despair and just hang them up! Old bedsheets make for adorable cdraw them togetherurtains to pull apart or draw together. Make use of the yards to cover up your windows or doors and make use of the one that matches your décor.





8. Bag it !
bag itbag it

Here is the solution for all your bag problems. Make one for every occasion, going out grocery shopping or heading to the college or gym. Transform your bed sheets or pillow covers into printed grocery, drawstring or tote bags. This gives you anbag it opportunity to not only experiment with styles but also keep it fun.



9. It’s a Shady One!

it's a shady one Old bedsheets make for elegant lamp shades. There is no end to the various styles that you can create with the fabric that has till date covered your bed. Ruffled, shredded, laced or plain, whatever suits your décor best. It’s all about as creative as you can get. When lit up these bedside lamps cast a soothing and pleasing glow on your surroundings.





10. Spread it Out!

spread it out Another way that you can reuse your old bedsheets without putting in much effort is by sewing together two bedsheets to make beach blankets orspread it out picnic spread. You can also use them to make garden covers to shield the plants without having to buy some specifically for this.

spread it out

11. Pet Story!

pet story  pet story

Who minds a snuggly bed to sleep on? Give your pets the comfort of your beloved bedsheets too. Make pet beddings out of your old bed sheets and let your pets know how much you care. After all waking up to a happy face and wagging tail is not at all an unwelcome tale.


12. Don’t Blow the Cover

don't blow the cover don't blow the coverOne problem that most of us face with our warm and cosy quilts is that they are difficult to wash frequently and tend to get dirty easily. Don’t spend another day awaiting your dry cleaned quilt and cover it up with an old bed sheet instead. You can get a cover stitched out of your bed spread that has a pocket and can contain the quilt zipped inside it. Whenever there is a need for a wash, you simply remove the cover and have it washed instead of the heavy quilt.



13. Nook and Corners

nook and corners

nook and corners   Are you a reading addict or the one who likes to soak up the sun? Make your very own hammock or reading nooks with the use of the worn out bed sheets. These little hideouts can be your personal spaces whenever you are in need of a break




14. Under the table affair!

under the table affairunder the table affair  Why limit bed sheets to the bed, let’s take them to the table. Old bed sheets can be used as table runs and can be made more decorative by the use of laces or other such things on the edges or the body. Table napkins and mats too can be cut out from the same.


15. There is no bed like a pillow!

there is no bed like a pillowIf you could carry your bed and its comfort anywhere you go then how there is no bed like a pillowlovely this life could have been. But if not anywhere then at least to the garden or the backyard you can. Sew together your old bedsheet and cotton or fibre filling to make for yourself a fluffed up and comfy pillow bed.



16. Kids don’t cry!

kids don't cry Have ample sheets to spare? Use them up for baby wipes, apparels and don't cry You can also use the old bed sheets to make decorative pieces like mobiles to hang over a baby’s cradle or crib. Make use of the fabric to stitch up clothes for dolls and let your kid play dress up having more fun than ever.





17. And it’s a Wrap

and it's a wrap and its a wrap    and its a wrap

Got containers and jars that need a makeover or trunks and hangers that are in need of cover. Old bedsheets again come to the rescue. You can put your creative mind to work and cover-up the boxes in patterned or solid fabrics. You can also use this for wrapping gifts in a more creative and interesting way. Old bed spreads can also be turned into garment bags that will help keep your garments protected and safe.


18. From Riches to Rags

from riches to ragsOne of the most basic use that bed sheets are put to immediately after they are old enough is that of cleaning rags. Once the bed sheet is not in a condition to be put to any other use, it is brought down to the status of rags that come in handy during cleaning sprees.



19. Art Attack!

art attackCooking and Painting can be extremely messy affairs. To save oneself from the messy attacks of these trades, old bed sheets can be used as aprons for artists or cooks to use as cover. Let’s admit it we all want to look good even while messing it up, and aprons made out of printed, patterned or laced bed sheets are a shield one will willingly adorn.






20. Joy of giving!

joy of givingIn the end, a bed sheet that is no longer of use to you may line some other deprived bed. Donate your old bedsheets to shelters or collection centres that are in need of the stuff and help better the life of those in need. Take joy in giving.