1.The Complete Valentine’s Day Look

  • Wear the Pink look with our WhiteS&Y  Pure Wool Stoles for a perfect Valentine’s Day look
  •  Pair the Brown look with Black & Beige S&Y Pure Wool Stoles for the ultimate Valentine’s Night Look

2. The Quick Smokey Eye

The smokey eye goes with just about everything. You can pair them will all S&Y Pure Wool Stoles.

3.The Signature Red Lip

The Red Lip never goes out of style. Wear this with our S&Y Black, White and even Beige Pure Wool Stoles.


4. Just Eyeliner

For all the ladies who want to take it easy , go for these different eyeliner styles. They can never go out of fashion no matter what outfit you wear.


5. Trendy Burgundy

Fed up of classic red then go for trendy burgundy. Ditch the poised and polite and try the frisky and risqué burgundy with our S&Y Black, White and Beige Pure Wool Stoles.


6. Gold with Red

A combination of gold with red is bound to please your man. This look compliments our S&Y Black & Gold and White & Gold  combination Pure Wool Stoles.


7. Try something Glittery

Add some shimmer for a romantic glam look. This look is best complimented with our Peach and White S&Y Pure Wool Stoles. 


8. Bold & Beautiful

Don’t be shy to go out bold this Valentine’s Day! Combine this look with our S&Y Black & Silver combination Pure Wool Stoles for the best look.