1. Flowers Always Save The Day ?

Just a small gesture can mean a lot to your valentine. Flowers have always been an evergreen gift.



2. Irresistible Chocolates ?

Chocolates are like love, and all you need on this romantic day is to remind you of your bitter sweet moments.



3. Gift Her a Pretty S&Y stole ??

Why not gift your better half a Silver Rose Pure Wool Stole exclusively available with us at S&Y for Valentine’s Day. Price: ₹ 2000



4. Collection of Lovely Handwritten Notes ?

What’s better than gifting your valentine your own array of thoughts. Let your romantic expression become your valentine impression.



5. Cook for Your Valentine ?

Spice up the flavour of your love as you chop-chop those vegetable and stir it in the gravy.

Untitled design copy 2


6. Balloons ?

Blow up some balloons and surprise your valentine with this simple yet romantic gesture



7. Dinner & Movie ?

A scrumptious dinner and a rom-com go hand in hand.



8. A Pleasant Picnic ?

Picnics can never get boring. A simple yet classic idea.



9. Gift your Valentine a pretty Choker from S&Y ??

Gift your love a pretty choker, a returning 90s trend through our Valentine’s day SALE only at Stole & Yarn

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10. Candle it Up at home ?

This valentines day it’s LIT. Make it romantic by lighting up your room with candles. To enhance the charm let us provide you with our pretty lil S&Y Candle Holders here.



11. Make your Valentine Something ✂️

Craft it up with your own efforts and make your valentine something. Here are a few easy DIY printable cards that you can use. 

DIY Card 1

DIY Card 2

DIY Card 3

DIY Card 4

Heart card


12. Go for a Drive ?

Vroom Vroom – a drive can never get outdated.



13. Give your valentine a massage ?

Give your valentine a spa feeling at home.



14. Frame your favourite pics ❤️

Frame your feelings through a frame.



15. Play Board Games ?

Keep it simple and nothing will go wrong.

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16. Cuddle up at home ?

Cuddle up with your cute valentine in our cozy S&Y blanket. Price: ₹ 1250 onwards



17. Gift her a Dreamcatcher

A dreamy yet perfect gift for your Valentine.  Gift her a dream catcher from our exclusive collection from here… Hurry!! Upto 30% off on our Dream Catchers 

Vermillion Dream Catcher