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Vegetable Dyes – A Rare Dyeing Method

India’s expertise in natural and vegetable dyes dates back to ancient times. The whole spectrum of colours was obtained from a multitude of plants.Our country had a virtual monopoly in the production of dyed painted and printed textiles. A major break occurred in this long history during the 19century – with the development of synthetic dyes and pigments. Cheap and easy to apply, they caused a cultural revolution.

Mass synthetic colouring of everyday textiles and products has now led people all over the world to take colours for granted. The Indian craftsman’s knowledge of the technology of natural dyes and its use in textiles remained a closely guarded secret for a long time.

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Bedsheet Magic

Bedsheet Magic !!

There is no such thing as “away”

When we throw anything away, it must go somewhere!

  -Annie Leonard

Nothing is a waste if you use it wisely and creatively. Here are a host of useful and fun ways in which you can reuse your old bed sheets.

1. Rugged!

BM1BM2Old bed sheets can be turned into beautiful braided rag rugs that can be made with or without a sewing machine. These lovely rag rugs woven together from a yarn made of strips torn from used bedsheets make your room look cosy and snuggly. This way rugged you don’t have to worry about not being able to use your beloved bedsheets again because if you can’t sleep on them, then you might as well now step on them!



2. Let The Kids Take Over !
Let the kids take over

We all know what destructive little monsters our kids can become when they are bubbling with energy and have no activitLet the kids take overy to keep them occupied. If you have kids running all over the place and want to engage them with something productive then bring out all those old bed sheets that you had stashed away to discard. Give them to your kids and let the little monsters have a colour splash. Who knows what masterpiece your rock star might end up creating? Old bed sheets make for very interesting do it yourself art projects. Apart from using colours you can also spend time building tents and forts out of those bed sheets especially on summer vacations.

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A Blocked Saga of Jaipuri Imprints - The Bagru Episode

A Blocked Saga of Jaipuri Imprints – The Bagru Episode

In our previous blog post, we explored the intimacies of the Sanganeri prints. In the Bagru episode, we romance with the Bagru prints of Rajasthan. Interestingly the craft of hand printing is practised in several areas of Rajasthan and each has a distinctive style of its own. The styles are impacted and influenced by the historical, cultural and geographical features of their region of origin. The beauty of this style of printing is heavily reliant on water sources owing to which the commercial activity sprung near water sources like – Sanganer, Bagru, Akola, Barmer, Jodhpur etc. The most characteristic and prominent out of these being Sanganer and Bagru.

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A Blocked Saga of Jaipuri Imprints - The Sanganeri Affair

A Blocked Saga of Jaipuri Imprints – The Sanganeri Affair

Nestled in the grainy embrace of the flamboyant Rajasthan, Jaipur city basks in the glory of the sun and the warmth of its rosy blush. The city wakes up to the splendour of its majestic past and is always abuzz with life and activity. A casual stroll through the bustling streets of a typical Jaipuri bazaar market) is like flicking through the myriad scenes of a kaleidoscope.

Amidst this colourful chaos, the city also houses a unique blend of royal elegance and cultural richness. Many traditional crafts have flourished in this region under royal patronages and are enjoying immense popularity even to this day. One such widely known and admired craft is that of hand block printing.

A small but prosperous village, Sanganer has emerged as a hub for the age-old craft of hand block printing. Located almost 30 km from the walled city of Jaipur this village is known to house more than 5000 block printers. In the local parlance, the block makers or carpenters specializing in block making are called Bhatt-ghar. Where Bhatt implies block and ghar implies carver. Continue reading…

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Who says women can’t achieve more than men? – Women’s Day Post

Mrs. Jyoti Reddy proved that women in fact have more strength, resilience and courage than men. This women’s day lets celebrate the pride of being a woman. The old stereotypes, although faded slightly, a lot of it still exists but these sort of stories can break them further.

She travelled from being a farm labourer to running her own firm in the US.

Jyothi was the second child among the five and due to her family’s financial situation, she was admitted into a welfare orphanage. To get the admission, she had to become a motherless child. It was a heart breaking situation for Jyothi as she could not see her mother during the days when she was in the orphanage. There was nobody to share her happiness and sorrow. Instead of getting down with the situation, Jyothi developed a strong will to make her future bright. She promised herself to work towards creating a better life for her. She learned the way of dealing with life in a hard and practical manner. The hardship taught her the value of life and made her think beyond the situation.

She attended a government school while at the orphanage and she also took vocational course while residing in the superintendent’s house. Jyothi used to help her superintendent with their household work. Jyothi had to marry at 16 to her cousin, instead of working on to make her dreams come true. After having 2 children, the situation became even worse as she had to work in the fields for a daily wage of Rs. 5 to take care of her children. These situations made her even stronger to stand and fight for life.

Then came an opportunity in the form of NYK (Nehru Yuva Kendra), a Central Government scheme which sought to create awareness among the youth. She took the opportunity and became a NYK Volunteer and later started teaching. But the money she was making was not sufficient to run the family. She used to stitch petticoats at night to make more money. Apart from her bad financial situation, she also had to fight with family and society to do what she wanted to do. She studied and obtained a BA in 1994 and studied for a postgraduate degree and obtained it in 1997. This made her get a higher pay as a teacher. She used to travel for two hours to reach her school.

She then got an opportunity to go to US with her relative. She had to work in a gas station, work as a baby sitter, load/unload goods and work at a video shop for her survival. She then joined a company called CS America as a recruiter with an aid of a close relative. Later she got another offer from a different company, but it did not stay and she had to go back to babysitting and gas station for survival. That was the beginning of her entrepreneurial dreams. She wanted to start her own business and was looking for the suitable line of business to start. When she visited Mexico, she realised that she could start a consulting company as she was familiar with the paperwork involved with the Visa Processing. With her savings of $40000, she opened an office in Phoenix in 2001. She has been successfully running her company KEYSS since then. Her two daughters moved to US and completed their education in the American schools.

Women are portrayed to be weak and inferior to men. Such stories of courage and perseverance break these hideous stereotypes further. We salute women for having the courage to carry out all sorts of jobs without complaining, for loving endlessly and also portray the same strength or sometimes even more strength than men.

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A sneak peak into Bollywood style…

Palazzos and long skirts level up the style game for these celebrities. Lets dive into some celeb fashion this week and use it as an inspiration to style ourselves.

Bollywood Actresses With Their Long Maxi Skirts - Must See (3)

Our gorgeous Deepika wears unique palazzos with a simple western top and an indo-western piece of jewellery.


Kareena Kapoor Khan keeps it Indian with a dark vibrant coloured long skirt and a western black top.


Gold steals the show. Deepika Padukone wears an elaborate golden jacket over a red-orange Indian gown.


B-town’s trendsetter Sonam Kapoor keeps it simple with black palazzos and a unique white top with a classy golden neck piece.


Deepika strolls in a casual light green top and catchy red palazzos as she sets out with her DSLR.


Anushka Sharma wears subtle palazzos and a black top as she incorporates a leather belt and a rustic bracelet into this outfit.


Alia dances on stage with her quirky fashion tastes, a shimmery white top with a gorgeously flowing long skirt!

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Haven’t thought of anything yet !! Here are a few last minute ideas for Valentine’s Day ❤️ !

1. Flowers Always Save The Day ?

Just a small gesture can mean a lot to your valentine. Flowers have always been an evergreen gift.



2. Irresistible Chocolates ?

Chocolates are like love, and all you need on this romantic day is to remind you of your bitter sweet moments.



3. Gift Her a Pretty S&Y stole ??

Why not gift your better half a Silver Rose Pure Wool Stole exclusively available with us at S&Y for Valentine’s Day. Price: ₹ 2000



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Valentine’s Day ❤️ Makeup Tutorials – complimenting S&Y Pure Wool Stoles

1.The Complete Valentine’s Day Look

  • Wear the Pink look with our WhiteS&Y  Pure Wool Stoles for a perfect Valentine’s Day look
  •  Pair the Brown look with Black & Beige S&Y Pure Wool Stoles for the ultimate Valentine’s Night Look

2. The Quick Smokey Eye

The smokey eye goes with just about everything. You can pair them will all S&Y Pure Wool Stoles.

3.The Signature Red Lip

The Red Lip never goes out of style. Wear this with our S&Y Black, White and even Beige Pure Wool Stoles.


4. Just Eyeliner

For all the ladies who want to take it easy , go for these different eyeliner styles. They can never go out of fashion no matter what outfit you wear.


5. Trendy Burgundy

Fed up of classic red then go for trendy burgundy. Ditch the poised and polite and try the frisky and risqué burgundy with our S&Y Black, White and Beige Pure Wool Stoles.


6. Gold with Red

A combination of gold with red is bound to please your man. This look compliments our S&Y Black & Gold and White & Gold  combination Pure Wool Stoles.


7. Try something Glittery

Add some shimmer for a romantic glam look. This look is best complimented with our Peach and White S&Y Pure Wool Stoles. 


8. Bold & Beautiful

Don’t be shy to go out bold this Valentine’s Day! Combine this look with our S&Y Black & Silver combination Pure Wool Stoles for the best look.


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