Women's Day With Stole & Yarn

Yes, you heard that right! We are an ALL WOMEN based workforce at Stole & Yarn :)

Come let's meet the team that goes out of its way to make sure you are getting the best from us!!

Priyanka Arora: Our Founder

Always helps the team and has our backs, the go-to person for all the doubts. Knows what's best and the right thing to do! Her love for block prints is what makes Stole & Yarn's collection so unique and impressive. Her innovative ideas, knowledge & confidence is what motivates others to work harder and grow together.  Not to forget her gentle & kind nature and the respect she hasfor her entire team and the S&Y family. 

Rhea Arora: The Creative Head

The Creative head of the team - helps us with our product shoots, marketing creatives, research and is always giving us the most creative and out of the box ideas. Rhea is a dynamic woman and spreads her creativity through her personality. We love how she has her A game on with her stationery brand Glue On Paper , so now we never run out of stationery.


 Amrita Sinha : The Administrator
She helps us with our day to day administrative work. The one person who majority of you must have spoken to. Amrita makes sure you get your orders on time and is constantly on the look our for all our S&Y family members. From coordination to organisation - Amrita makes sure she's on top of her game.


Krina Shah : The Marketing Guru

If you have been seeing our ads on social media and receiving offers, thanks to Krina. She very efficiently plans out the marketing strategies for S&Y. Krina is constantly planning what campaigns need to go out and how she can make S&Y look its best. She's all about CPAs and offers :D. Very helpful and planned at her work, Krina is always on the lookout for S&Y.

Savita Kasurde: The Warehouse Expert

The one who processes all your orders and makes sure you get the right order. She diligently and effortlessly packs all your orders and hands them to the delivery partners, just so you know she's super fast and efficient at her work. Savita is patient and understanding. She always has a smile on her face while she's at work.


 We are proud of being a company run by all women! :) 


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