Our Story

Stole & Yarn is a fusion designer stoles & home decor luxury brand that draws its inspiration from the very own diverse ethnic culture from various parts of India and infuses it with the modern and contemporary fashion world.

We make sure that ALL designs always match up to our 3 level benchmark – Glamour, Sensuality & Royalty. Our stoles are produced from the finest of the Australian Merino Wool fabrics whereas our home furnishings are produced from organic cotton & high quality hand-block inks using the best of traditional and modern techniques to deliver a state of the art product.  

From fabric to hem, quality has always been of utmost importance to us, and thankfully, we haven’t had to look very far. Our very own skilled traditional weavers are the ones who fill up the Stole & Yarn Ethnic Contemporary collections inventory. Our products are handcrafted by the skilled Indian craftsmen that specialise in the different forms of weaving which itself is a form of art.

Our Principles:
Quality: When it comes to quality, S&Y cannot & will not compromise…unless you receive the quality that delights you, we believe we haven’t really delivered! Couple that with S&Y’s pricing and you’ll know you have landed THE DEAL.
Handcrafted: Our products are handcrafted with love and skill in India, encouraging our very own awe-inspiring Indian Artisans & weavers from various parts of India.
Customer Satisfaction: A satisfied customer is always a happy customer, and we at S&Y want to see our customers always happy. From quality to delivery we make sure our clients have a satisfying shopping experience with us.